Pregnancy Conception Date


Pregnant women that are not sure about their baby's conception date should not waste a lot of time trying to figure out the date. This is because it is now possible to approximate the conception date using a conception calculator. The due date of the pregnancy can be used as the basis for calculating the conception date. A conception calculator only requires the birth date or the first day of a mother's last menstrual cycle as input to determine a pregnancy conception date.

How a Conception Calculator works

The conception calculator is able to provide the approximate date of conception by figuring out the baby's gestation period. The calculator comes up with a range of days to give one an idea of a possible conception day. The approximate due date of the baby is also very critical when calculating the conception date. It is possible to measure the due date of a baby as well as the gestation period based on the last menstrual period. When calculating the possible days of conception, the most critical data include the current date as well as the approximate due date. The average 28-day cycle forms the basis of the calculation process by the conception calculator at

The major assumption in this process is that every woman has a 28-day cycle, the gestation period lasts for 40 weeks, and that each pregnancy is typical. In determining the due date, the calculator dates back the last menstrual period date for three months and finally adds seven days. It then provides an approximate date of consumption by counting back 38 weeks based on the estimated due date. Both expectant mothers and those that have already given birth but are interested in determining the pregnancy conception date can always use the conception calculator at to approximate the date of conception.

Useful Facts About Conception

The period cycle is used to approximate conception date for a woman with regular periods because they can conceive any day, between the 11th and 21st, after they begin their menstrual cycle. Therefore, it is always difficult to find out the exact date of conception. This is so because there are up to ten days in which a woman with a regular menstrual cycle can conceive. However, it is possible to determine the exact conception date in instances where in vitro fertilization is used. For expectant mothers, it is always easier for them to monitor the growth of their baby when they know the possible conception date. Make sure to visit this website at and know more about pregnancy.